2023 Reflection from the Mildwaters

2023 Reflection from the Mildwaters

It's certainly been a rollercoaster of a year! So here is a little summary of the big things.


We could never have guessed what would come from our decision to head to King of the Hammers! So many people talk about the struggle but absolute necessity of personal growth when chasing a dream, and we were no exception.


With so much often ‘up in the air’, one of the only constants (besides taxes!) was that we had each other. Across all the hours of travel, throughout each other’s doubts, sharing so much of our time and our dreams, is our marriage.


Fellow competitors, team mates, crew, friends, industry experts, and many more! So many times this year we have said the words “small world!”, as meeting new people leads to identifying existing connections. We’ve certainly felt very welcomed.


Racing in Nevada, experiencing Crandon, and then taking the win at NORRA 500! Absolutely surreal for us to experience. Moments and iconic places we knew of but now have tasted the dust, watched the race cars, and met the competitors. But there were also the tough moments – farewelling the NT, collecting another Finke DNF, days where we almost gave up on this dream.


Three things Amy enjoyed

  1. Mexican food and cocktails in SoCal and Baja
  2. Applying and improving my Co Driver skills to 8 Hour + racing days and off road rally
  3. Simplicity of living out of a suitcase

Three things Jack enjoyed

  1. Upgrades we made to the Trophy Ute
  2. Breaking my race ‘DNF curse’ with the NORRA win
  3. Team Management, embracing the Crew Chief role

Three things Amy loathed

  1. Being away from our dog, Ed-e
  2. Lack of good coffee in America
  3. Having three ‘winters’ in a row

Three things Jack loathed

  1. Being away from Ed-e
  2. Team Management
  3. Lack of legroom during long haul flights
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