About Us

Hi, We're Jack and Amy Mildwaters

Amy and Jack stand next to each other and smile at the camera. Dressed in warm clothing at the Alice Springs dragway for RedCentre Nats

Motorsport mad, married and making our dreams come to life.

We lived in the Top End a.k.a Darwin, NT for quite a while before a one year stint in Alice Springs in 2022. It was tough, but our decision to move was based on improving opportunities for our racing.

Jack and Amy stand together holding their black and white dog, Ed-e, in their arms. Dressed in dirtbike gear with their dirtbikes on the lawn behind them.

As we do a lot of the work on our trophy ute ourselves, it keeps us very busy while also meaning we have learnt quite a lot over the last five years.

Aside from fantastic Team Partners, we've both worked a range of jobs - Amy in marketing and comms roles across different industries - and Jack ended up at a wildlife park before being a contract mechanic.

In 2023, our time was divided between Australia and America. Which means more time on planes than we care to think about! We had plenty of firsts, such as visiting 'The Big House' a.k.a Crandon International Raceway.

Now in 2024, we are looking at another jam-packed race schedule. Supporting Bailey and racing two cars in America, taking another crack at Finke, and Jack is training for his Hard Enduro, Rookie Debut at King of the Motos in Jan 2025.

At King of the Hammers 2023, we met Bailey Cole, and quickly recognised the same passion in him. The opportunity arose to become part of his team, Jack as Crew Chief and Amy as Navigator.

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Jack, Amy, Bailey and Bri stand in front of their Ford Performance Bronco on the morning of the Mint 400.