5 Things We Learned in 2021

5 Things We Learned in 2021

Here we are entering the final month of the year!

It certainly was a year full for change, growth, and chasing our dreams.

It was also a year for getting things done with time not on our side and then, coming to a complete halt when Amy broke her ankle and had to come to terms with sitting still.

We are currently away on a mini break to the Gold Coast, hopefully soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach and resting, since we have no access to our shed.


So here are just 5 of the things we learned in 2021:

  1. Chasing your dreams can still teach you and give you a lot, even if you don’t succeed.

lead to heart break, so surround yourself with people who support you in the good times and the tough times.

  1. Growth for us came from an expected situation that taught us the difference between reacting from your instant emotion and reacting from your values.

It was extremely tough at times to manage our emotions and responses to different situations, when the situation meant emotions had to be felt but not used as the guide to respond.

From being some of the first responders on the scene of a vehicle roll over at midnight on a remote stretch of highway, to Amy’s broken leg, to assisting in the fall out of a suicide attempt, to relationship breakdowns, to another Finke DNF and a myriad of other difficult moments.

Each time, we have been able to grow a little more and modify our response, acknowledging our emotions but taking the time to really decide how we would like to respond according to our values!

Sometimes that can look like cracking a beer and letting the frustrations go. Other times, it looks like reaching out to others for support

  1. Nothing in this world beats the love of your dog.

We rescued Ed two years ago now and it was the best thing we ever did! He definitely grew bigger than we would have guessed, a DNA test revealing he had cattle dog, border collie AND great dane.

Now we get to enjoy his exuberant welcome home greetings, snuggles, snoring, stubbornness and then success in training. It was why we even had a sticker of him made since he is our shed dog. He won’t bat an eye at the race truck and will happily go for a ride.

Black and white dog face, stack of stickers with logo for MOR Motorsport
  1. Things can change in an instant so try not to take anything for granted.

Take notice of all the things that get you through the day, that let you live the life you want, whether it is the ability to leave our homes or losing your ability to walk and be independent.

Try and do one thing you've been procrastinating on, since you can't actually rely on things staying the same in the future!

Just ask Amy, whose plans and to do list went from achievable to on hold for over two months and is now getting back to walking around.

  1. Semper Gumby

Stay flexible! 

a gumby toy stands in some grass with the words blessed are the flexible imposed

credit: http://whereverthewindblows.org/2017/03/06/semper-gumby/

the green gumby toy is surrounded by the words semper gumby', 'forever flexible'

credit: https://marineparents.com/marinecorps/sempergumby.asp

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