Auto One Australia partners with MOR Motorsport

Auto One Australia partners with MOR Motorsport


Auto One, Australia’s largest auto parts store has teamed up with rookie desert racing team MOR Motorsport. This will be MOR Motorsport’s second year taking on the Finke Desert Race after posting a 'DNF' (did not finish) last year when they suffered a broken wheel hub.
MOR Motorsport are based in Darwin and are made up of soon-to-be married couple Jack Mildwaters and Amy Beckett with support crew made up of friends and family. The team was founded by Amy and Jack in 2015 when they bought a trophy truck instead of a house.
The partnership with Auto One was a natural progression from last year when Auto One Albany owners came on board to support the team. Ray & Steve have known Jack for years and as keen motorsports enthusiasts, they were more than happy to assist the unknown team.
Finke Desert Race is Australia’s largest off-road race, the gruelling 460km there-and-back track sees two days of racing. Day one takes competitors from Alice Springs to the town of Apatula (Finke) and then Day two is when the competitors left standing race back.

Finke Desert Race features many vehicle classes and last year broke its own record for the highest number of competitors. According to the organisers, that record has been broken again. The 650 bike entries were full within hours of opening and all 150 car entries filled within 3.5 hours of opening, with five weeks to go the wait lists are still growing.

“There is the competitive side to Finke but it is the camaraderie and personal challenge that really make Finke the great race it is,” says Jack, Co-founder and Driver of MOR Motorsport, “This year our goal is to finish, just to get there and back. We have done as much prep and planning as possible but at the end of the day it's up to the animal that is the Finke Desert Race track”.
Finke provides quite the spectacle for audiences whether they are camping track side or streaming it online. The high speeds, unforgiving track and harsh conditions make for thrilling and unpredictable racing.

“We are really happy to partner with MOR Motorsport and encourage this up-and-coming team to embrace their passion,” Andrew Boath, General Manager Auto One, “All the different classes of Finke make racing more accessible for anyone, and the purpose built trophy trucks are incredible to watch”.

The MOR team would like to extend a huge welcome and massive Thank You to Auto One!

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