Finke Desert Race 2017: The Reccy

Finke Desert Race 2017: The Reccy

Woah! What an experience. Yes, we know the 2017 Finke Desert Race was 2 months ago but for us it feels like we were just down there.

Freezing our butts off and watching buggies, bikes and TROPHY TRUCKS take on the track.

We were lucky enough to meet a few of the Trophy Truck teams and even help a few with some last minute preparations and even some repairs. Of the 4 teams we met only 2 of those made it past the 40k marker on Day 1.

Needless to say we have very high hopes for ourselves in actually making it there and back next year however now we know that might not be the case.


The dry season has been spectacular and quite cool allowing for very good working days and progress is coming along nicely.

 There are a few things outside of our control slowing down the build and with 9 months till we head back to Finke we aren’t too worried ….yet!

We are working on the design aspect and tossing around different colour schemes or how we might adorn the body.

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