Finke is going ahead!

Finke is going ahead!

We are delighted to share the news that Motorsport Australia, the Finke Committee and the NT Government have been able to come together and ensure the Finke Desert Race can go ahead in June 2023.

Statement from Finke Desert Race below 


Statement: Car permit to be issued for 2023 Tatts Finke Desert Race
The Finke Desert Race Committee has received confirmation that Motorsport Australia will issue a permit for the Auto (car) section of the 2023 Tatts Finke Desert Race.
The Finke Desert Race Committee takes seriously the safety of spectators and competitors, and will implement a host of specific safety measures that will enhance the safety of all attendees at the 2023 Tatts Finke Desert Race.
This means the spectator experience at the 2023 Tatts Finke Desert Race will be different to previous years. Specific safety measures that will be implemented at the 2023 Tatts Finke Desert Race include:
- A minimum spectator setback from the track of 30 metres. This renders some areas along the track that have traditionally been popular camping areas now off-limits. Landing zones over crests and rises along the track will have significant spectator setbacks.
- Supervised public view points throughout the track
- Spectator exclusion zones/off-limit zones at high-risk corners throughout the track
Spectator safety marshals will be stationed along the length of the track to monitor spectators’ compliance with the new safety measures. Spectators have a significant role to play to ensure a smooth and safe running of the 2023 Tatts Finke Desert Race, and there will be a zero tolerance approach to spectators who fail to follow the new safety measures or instructions of marshals, officials, event staff and NT Police.
The Finke Desert Race Committee once again thanks all competitors, crews, sponsors, volunteers, contractors and the Alice Springs community for their continued patience and support in the implementation of the new safety measures. The Finke Desert Race Committee would also like to commend the Northern Territory Government for its support of the event.
The Finke Desert Race Committee looks forward to welcoming all attendees for a safe and successful running of the 47th Tatts Finke Desert Race, held from 9-12 June 2023 in Alice Springs.


The running of cars at this years' Finke was not certain for almost a month. One of the ways we got through this stress was Before You Speak Coffee (affiliate link). Check them out and let us know what you think!

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