In sickness, health, and silicone

In sickness, health, and silicone

Last year, one of our incredible Team Partners was Etrnl Rings.

But we had already loved, used and swear by their silicone rings for four years. In fact, Jack has spent more time wearing an Etrnl silicone ring than his ‘actual’ wedding band. Back when Jack was in the army, he witnessed a co-worker catch his ring finger (with a solid metal band) on a truck door hinge as he was climbing out of the vehicle.

In an instant, the Sapper de-gloved his finger. Do not google ‘de-gloved finger’ if you are a squeamish person. Somehow, the skin layer was totally removed by the unfortunate meeting of ring and door hinge.

Doctors were able to reattach the skin layer, but much like when fibreglass panels meet trees during a race, the finger was never the same.

This experience stuck with Jack.

Within weeks of our wedding, we discovered Etrnl – an Australian business - and ordered the first silicone ring. When it arrived, so did a sense of confidence in Jack.

Over the years, silicone rings (like many other tools) have eventually succumbed to the oils, fluids, thinners, cleaning products or they’ve served their purpose, getting a tear, or ripping apart. Each time, Jack is both sad to lose his current ring but grateful for its sacrifice.

One ring can last Jack anywhere from six to eight months. Never removed, a ring might see dirt bike rides, engine bays, welding, wood projects, gardening, beach days, and of course, race days.

In 2023, we approached Etrnl to become a Team Partner, and they jumped on board.

But even prior to our sponsor relationship, Jack recommended Etrnl silicone rings to anyone who works with their hands or enjoys active hobbies.

Amy has now worn a silicone set for 12 months, one white band and one grey band. Like everything else white in Amy’s wardrobe, it was thought the white ring would soon be multicoloured or stained. But it is still the clean, crisp white that came out of the packet.

Etrnl have a great range of silicone rings, in different colours and different styles. Their sizes are the same as non-silicone rings, so there is no confusion about what will fit you. If you don’t know your ring size, they also have a guide. Finally, Etrnl also offer bracelets, necklaces, and rings made from tungsten, titanium, gold, Damascus, wood, black zirconium, stainless steel and tantalum.

Head on over to their website now:

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