MOR's Merry Christmas

From our racing team family to yours, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!


For us Christmas this year is less about the presents under the Christmas Tree and more about the holiday time we can spend working on the trophy truck and preparing for Finke 2019.

As the Finke Facebook page kindly reminded us a few weeks ago, there is less than 200 days to go for Finke 2019. Even though that sounds like a lot, we have lots that needs doing and also lots that we would like to do.

With all this work to do, our first task is to place our Christmas order with Auto One! There is a never ending list of supplies and tools that are required to get the trophy truck, trailer and chase vehicle race ready.

We hope Santa delivers you the car parts you are dreaming of.

Stay tuned for some big news,

Jack & Amy
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