Plastic Free July - as a motorsport team

Plastic Free July - as a motorsport team

This year, Plastic Free July is all about the little changes that add up to make a big difference around the world.

Now we know motorsports is not one of the most environmentally friendly sports out there, but it is a sport that has taken the initiative on many fronts to explore and challenge the petrol burning paradigm.

From Extreme E to F1 creating a Sustainability Strategy tackling many different areas. High profile motorsports has started to make changes. There are also organisations such as Tread Lightly and our very own, Motorsport Australia (Climate and Environmental Action Plan), setting out goals and taking tangible action at 'grassroots' or 'club level' events.

As a team, we also look for ways we can reduce our impact and Plastic Free July is a chance to look specifically at our plastic consumption or ensure we look at alternatives to simply sending things to landfill.

Our simple and easy actions

  • Utilising the 10c container recycling scheme - living in the NT and now SA we have been a part of this program for around a decade. Collecting cans, as well as glass and plastic bottles before taking them in and leaving with some car part money! If you live in a state or territory where this is available - make it a part of your routine now.

  • Keeping other containers for a second purpose in the shed. Old yoghurt or icecream containers, plastic and glass jars or even cardboard boxes can be put to good use as storage, resin mixing, old oil filter holders etc. They never go to waste and our big tub is often looked through for a container fit-for-purpose for an on-the-go job.

  • Doing our bit combatting textile waste by cutting up old clothes, towels and sheets to become rags.
    Three tubs sit on shelf labelled towels and rags

  • Switching to LEDs - enough said

  • A dog sits outside a shed on a rubber mat which is a used sprint car tyre
    Repurposing old and worn out sprint car tyres into mats. They are perfect for use in the shed or outside as they're lightweight and easy to clean. Plus they fit our 'motorsport aesthetic' and we're sure we'd get a 10/10 from interior design judges!

  • Collecting and disposing of waste oil and other liquids, batteries, tyres and styrofoam packaging through programs that will reuse or repurpose those items. Much better than straight to landfill or onto the ground and then into the environment.

Do you practice any of these? Have you got other things you do? Share them with us



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