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Simple, innovative, and durable – Croc Hinge is here to make you a happy (4WDing) camper!

Are you the kind of person who prefers to have options? Do you like it when things you own are able to do more than just thing? Or maybe you just love getting off road as much as you can so don’t unpack much of your gear during the week? 


Croc Hinge brackets are the perfect choice for you. This unique mounting hardware provides the utmost flexibility for how you store your 4x4 accessories. 


Croc Hinge bracket shown in upright position with mounted recovery boards


As the name suggests, this mount hinges aka it’s a foldable mount! Croc Hinge gives you the ability to easily switch between a side mount and a flat position stowed on the roof rack. 

Allowing you to choose if your recovery boards lay down and produce less drag on your roof rack before switching to (what I have dubbed) ‘Adventure Mode’. This is when you put your Croc Hinge bracket into action and switch your recovery boards to standing up, this is where the Croc Hinge bracket pivots by 90°. Holding two or four recovery boards such as MaxTrax, Treds etc that can be easily taken off, used, and remounted. 

Having the option to lay your accessories flat means you can drop by your favourite drive through without wondering if you’ll make the clearance or grab some groceries after a big weekend on the tracks. When required, you can also make more room on your roof racks, just flip the accessory to the upright position to free up some roof space, so no more squeezing extra items in the cab. 

The geniuses over at Croc Hinge have also developed an awning hinge. For those who’ve encountered trouble on tight tracks or low hanging bush, you know the feeling of watching a branch slide up your vehicle only to be caught on your awning. Now you don’t have to choose between undercover parking or removing and then remounting your awning. 

Enjoy 4WDing by minimising risk of damage to your awning and mount it with a Croc Hinge. Whether it be Bushwakka, Darche, 23Zero, Kings or another awning, head out on your next camping, 4WDing or fishing trip with confidence. 

Croc Hinge brackets can be mounted to a wide range of flat racks or a canopy whether that be on a vehicle, touring van, camper trailer or caravan. When switching from one bracket position to the other, the gas struts make it easy, assisting in ‘standing up’ or to ensure a ‘soft close’ when going to the storage position.  

Whatever your set up, you’ll benefit from Croc Hinge. Invented, developed, tested, and sold by Aussies who love camping and 4WDing. From K’Gari to the Kimberleys, around town and in the city, they’ve used and relied on their own Croc Hinge products. 

How do we know? They’re long-time friends and the kind of family who take care and pride in the things they do. 


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Croc Hinge is proudly veteran owned and operated.  

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