Thursday Throwback to September 30, 2019

Thursday Throwback to September 30, 2019

A recent digital clean up led us on a few trips down memory lane, and this one we just had to share.

- - - - - WAR ON WHEELS - - - - -

Mild panic came to the MOR Motorsport shed when we got a call from the promotor of Top End Crash Fest – the demo derby being held in mid-October here in Darwin. We’d been asked if we could come along and be part of an off road vehicle showcase. Of course we said yes! Any opportunity to introduce others to desert racing we will be there. There was only one problem, we had stripped the truck back to a bare chassis and sent our transmission to Gympie, QLD. So with only 4 weeks to get the truck back together, we began.

From the outset we knew we would be fighting against the clock and any hold ups could be the difference between being a part of the showcase or watching from the sidelines. Luckily we have a fantastic support network around us and everyone has gone out of their way to support us for this deadline!

There were some very late nights where we were sorting out the new engine accessory layout. This is due to a change in power steering pump which bumped our alternator and then affected the water pump. Quite a few different iterations were explored however, like with every good puzzle, there was only one way for it all to work.

A trophy truck launches off a dirt jump at Darwin Speedway

We also managed to get some improvements squeezed in along side the repairs as everything went back together for the first time post-Finke. With big plans for further improvements over the rest of the off-season (hint: engine).

So we can’t wait to see MOR fans on October 12 at Northline Speedway, Hidden Valley, Darwin! 

 It was an epic evening with a demo derby, flamethrowing van, and a few different off road vehicle spectacles. There was plenty of destruction, horsepower, and fireworks.

A caravan burns at War on Wheels, 2019


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