We are Crandon World Champions!

We are Crandon World Champions!

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For a few years now, I've struggled to have a good Crandon. This culminated in 2022 when the entire Ultra4 community lost Zandy. So heading back there this year was filled with mixed emotions. In the end, it felt like we definitely broke my Crandon 'curse'.

We ended up having an absolute dream of a weekend, the Bronco had absolutely no issues and the only work we did was visiting the wash bay each time I came off track.

Jack and Amy Mildwaters (MOR Motorsport), had never been to Crandon before and it was fun getting to introduce them to The Big House. Kicking off the Labor Day Parade, we thoroughly enjoyed each of those Floats, as well as meeting and talking to lots of race fans.

On Practice Day, Amy took to the Spotter's Tower for the first time guiding me from above instead of the Navi seat. In the second practice session, we claimed Pole Position for the Crandon World Cup Race.

For the Crandon World Cup, we stuck to the main short course arena, with some rock sections. I had Wayne from Altech Motorsports as my Spotter, allowing Amy to listen and learn. With over 20 cars in the race, I was able to pick my way into the top 5 and come away with 1st in 4600.

Then Day 2 of racing was the Ultra4 race, which saw more of the course opened up and new, challenging obstacles added. After a reset on the first start, I had the mud scrapped off my Baja Designs headlights and we then started again.
Open-wheel cars racing short-course makes for a challenging time, especially with three different vehicle classes on track. But once again, I drove a clean race and claimed 1st!

It was a race weekend for the history books and I am thankful to all of my Team Partners and Crew who made it possible.


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