We’ve outsourced this responsibility for one year and will never go back! Here’s why we think you should too.

We’ve outsourced this responsibility for one year and will never go back! Here’s why we think you should too.

We’ve outsourced this responsibility for one year and will never go back! Here’s why we think you should too.

We all know buying things online or interstate comes with challenges relating to freight – reliability, timeliness, cost, rolling the dice on insurance for damage/theft/(negligence?). All things we’ve come to accept - and most of us receive the service we pay for – our items make it to us safe and sound (…eventually!).

These stakes all become much more serious and complicated when it’s car parts (or anything large with a value that triggers the import tax thresholds) from overseas. Plus there is a lot more work involved from getting prices and then booking with one or multiple freight providers, air or sea options, biosecurity, customs, tariffs, paperwork for exiting countries and entering others etc.

Prior to Finke 2023, we had two very important deliveries come from America – Spidertrax components for our front end and a set of beadlocks from Vision Wheels. Both deliveries had different levels of anxiety inducing moments, but it was the beadlock wheels which become an issue so stressful we had to get a professional involved!

We were sent 6 wheels, each in their own box containing the wheel, one beadlock ring, and washers and bolts. Now the paperwork was all sorted, everything paid, and we had only a few weeks until Finke. So, there wasn’t much time to spare.

But when the items arrived in Australia, the freight company entered our customs declaration incorrectly. This then triggered an import duties fee in the thousands of dollars. Money we hadn’t budgeted for and quickly identified as being based off incorrect information.

After a few days of trying to communicate this to the freight company staff, we were at a stalemate. They insisted there really was 100 beadlock wheels in the 6 boxes, we asked them in which reality that could be true. Also at risk were further repercussions from the Federal Government for filing a faulty declaration – something that was also our problem even though we were not the ones who had submitted it!

At this point, we recognised we needed help and this is when Bianca from OneSource Customs & Logistics entered our lives. An experienced customs broker, normally for businesses importing or exporting by the container, Bianca sympathised with our situation and got to work.

Within 24 hours, we had light at the end of the tunnel, and within 4 days our wheels were on their way!

Bianca solved our problem, communicating with the freight company staff in a way they understood and responded to, and we were more than happy to pay her for her services which had saved us a major headache and what could have been thousands of dollars in fees and fines.

Now we use OneSource Customs & Logistics for every large item we have shipped to us from overseas. There are things we are good at, and then there are complicated systems, processes, and laws we are happy to have someone handle for us. Plus, we are also able to maximise Free Trade Agreements and other avenues that reduce our overall import costs on applicable items or situations. All thanks to Bianca’s extensive knowledge!

From document examples, quotes, and acting on our behalf for customs, freight companies, and the supplier/sender. We are glad to have Bianca on our team.

Check out Bianca and her team here: https://www.oscl.com.au/ and be sure to let her know we sent you!

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