Wedding and Race Prepping

Wedding and Race Prepping

We have been told a few times that we won't be able to have our cake and eat it too...yet that is exactly what we have in mind for this year!

Amy and Jack have been engaged for three years and have settled on May 2019 as their wedding date. To those keen readers you might be thinking...hang on isn't the Finke Desert Race in June!?!

..and you would be right, dear MOR fan.

So alongside all the race prep we have been wedding planning. This makes for interesting discussions as we bounce from lower arm fabrication to cake flavour and back to fibre glassing.

Luckily Amy has events experience for large 5000+ attendees events, this means our wedding of only 50 attendees is small fry and where other brides would be stressed Amy is either procrastinating or very chill at this stage.

Stay tuned to hear if Bridezilla appears as we get closer to May or over the next few months.

P.S. Here is a picture of BJ Baldwin's "Love Chariot" for some inspiration....

BJ Baldwin's trophy truck decorated with balloons and monster energy cans
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