Yes, even we take supplements

Yes, even we take supplements

Looking after our health was (and still sometimes isn't) our number one priority. But there are some supplements or natural alternatives we rely on. Below are our top 3, and they're probably not what you're expecting.


Supplement #1

The first supplement we take daily is Fish Oil, in Jack's case it is Vegan Fish Oil as his body isn't a fan of regular fish oil. We both take it as capsules, since there is no Mary Poppins in our lives who can generate a yummy flavour for the teaspoon consumption option.

Amy looks out for an oil with reported amounts of EPA & DHA, some fish oil won't have that and these ones will be lacking to support brain health & function. This fish oil from Aussie Health Products is a great option.


Supplement #2

When we are racing we see plenty of competitors reach for Gatorade or similar. However there is a lot of sugar and dyes in those products. A better alternative is Coconut Water - with a high electrolyte content minus all the other additives. 

Jack drinks it straight while Amy prefers to add to overnight oats or a smoothie. 


Supplement #3

When it's on special (because car parts come first!), we will treat ourselves to some Manuka Honey! The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties mean a spoonful of this a day will help keep the Dr away. It's tasty on toast or easily added to coffee, tea or a smoothie.

We've also been known to apply a little bit to things like scraped knuckles and were surprised when the honey did improve healing time. This is a known use of manuka so we really shouldn't have been that surprised.


These three supplements are products we will likely always have as part of our health care routines. Nothing too high-maintenance would ever last for us or be too welcome eating into our budget.

So, are there any surprises on our list? Do you incorporate any of these into your life already? Let us know in the comments!

Check out Aussie Health Products and their wide range on offer. Shopping via our link won't cost you any extra but might put a few $ into our pocket. We are an affiliate but would never promote a business or product we didn't support or spend money on ourselves.

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